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Conveniently located minutes from Voorhees, NJ, Acupuncture Specialists is an acupuncture practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of many health issues. At Acupuncture Specialists, we are dedicated to providing you with individualized attention and the best care available—all in a comfortable and compassionate environment. We recognize that attending to your needs is essential for making your visit with us a positive experience. The staff at acupuncture specialists is here to serve Voorhees residents. We want you to know that the standard of care we provide you, is the same standard we would apply to our own families.

Acupuncture is one of the safest medical treatments known today. It is a six thousand year old practice that is used for many therapies such as Pain Management.


Acupuncture Reviews from Voorhees, New Jersey

Amanda M, Voorhees New Jersey

I have had 25 years of the most brutal pain from endometriosis. The only solutions proposed by my regular doctor were surgery and early menopause. In two sessions of acupuncture, the pain and blood flow has decreased by 70%. We are also working on a systemic infection that results in all kinds of flare ups that antibiotics don’t work for. I have confidence that we will eradicate this as well. And probably most important  – He is extremely gentle and uses small needles to avoid needless pain.

Debra S, Voorhees New Jersey

They first treated me when I was having issues with a prescribed painkiller for what a Western doctor thought were back pains. I could not eat nor keep down water and felt like I had the flu.  they were able to take one look at me and tell it was not back pains at all, that it was indeed a kidney infection. After hir reassessment of my diagnosis, I was able to get the correct prescription for antibiotics. He gave me one acupuncture treatment. Overnight I saw incredible results and have never doubted her expertise since. Recently I have started to see him again for some chronic issues I have dealt with my whole life. I am in my early sessions of treatment, but I anticipate excellent results as I would not trust anyone else.

Heather M, Voorhees New Jersey

Dr. Amer has been a breath of fresh air in assisting me in my chemo treatments. He combines a deep understanding, knowledgeable information and a caring, nurturing spirit in her acupuncture treatments. I feel rested and restored when I leave his office.

Macy S, Voorhees New Jersey

Dr. Amer is a true healer! With a few simple questions, he completely understood what was happening in my system and could explain it to me. he is extremely down to earth and took a lot of time with me. Twenty minutes into the acupuncture treatment I was more relaxed than with the best massage. I am most impressed with his help with a “mindless eating” issue I have been dealing with. What a miracle! This is the first night in months I haven’t felt the need to go in and find something to eat after dinner. I was amazed that an acupuncturist could help someone lose weight I highly recommend Dr. Amer. he gets right to the issue and is able to help. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Joan R, Voorhees New Jersey

I went to Amer for help with my chronic PMS. After an extensive initial discussion he got to work on me; that month I experienced little to no PMS. The following month, after a second consultation with him, I experienced none at all. I continued to see Cindy each month for the remainder of my time in Voorhees. He is a careful and meticulous practitioner who clearly has a genuine interest in helping people. As well as receiving acupuncture, I received much valuable advice from her about eating to combat PMS and the management of anxiety/depression.

Shana C, Voorhees New Jersey

I have seen many acupuncturists in my life and by far Amer is the BEST in South Jersey. In addition to his training in Oriental Medicine he has the intuitive ability to ‘get to the heart’ of your problem quickly and effectively. I have had severe tendonitis, extreme fatigue, shoulder and back pain and I was amazed at how much better I felt in just a short amount of time. He has a ‘magic touch’ when inserting the needles and I barely feel them go in, if at all. I always feel safe and comfortable when he treats me, and I leave not only feeling so much better physically, but peaceful and relaxed as well. I have several friends who have seen him also, and they say the same thing. No matter what you problem is, I have no doubt that he can help you. He is amazing!

Amanda K, Voorhees New Jersey

I sought out acupuncture for help with chronic sinusitis and excess mucus, which has been unbearably disruptive to my daily life. My allergist prescribed the usual (ineffective and temporary) nose sprays, antibiotics and steroids. From the moment I met Dr. Amer at Acupuncture Specialists, I knew I had found someone who could get to the bottom of my immune-system meltdown. Unlike the allergist, my first visit with him was a detailed, history-gathering session covering everything from the subtleties of emotional wellness to my more obvious physical symptoms. After a few acupuncture sessions with Amer and taking the immune building herbs he recommended, my symptoms cleared up dramatically. I am now doing the facial rejuvenation and OMG, it’s totally working! The wrinkle between my eyes is much less deep, same with the lines on the sides of mouth! He is an amazing person with a huge heart for her patients. He has outlined a plan for me to achieve wellness and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with him!

Nadia H, Voorhees New Jersey

was looking for someone to look at my overall health. Dr. Amer was perfect for me. I have a general weakness on my left side of my body, and western medicine has either been too general or too spe­cialized, so there was always a disconnect with doctors. He explained what he could do for me and also what I could do for myself. I did have some hesitation with needles, but he helped me ease my mind with visualization and WOW… I was totally relaxed. He is GOOD… I’m happy I found her… Thank you.

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